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Rainbow Blocking Pins - (Knitter's Pride)

Knitter’s Pride Rainbow Blockers are a beautiful addition to your fiber arts collection. Colorful, sturdy and functional. The stainless steel pins are rust-resistant and durable. Whether you’re pinning out a sweater, shawl or scarf - you can rely on these pins to stand up to the task. The set includes 20 Knit Blockers - 12 - 8-pin Blockers (3” approx), 8 - 4 pin Blockers (1.5” approx). Pin height is 1 3/4”, with the exposed portion being a 3/4” height. Each blocker has holes to allow a string to pass through if needed to apply an even tension across multiple blocks. 

** Please note ** I did not want to open up the sealed package for photographs, so the image of the pins opened is of my personal set (not rainbow) - but i wanted to show how the blocking pins look. Other images my be stock images (Knitter’s Pride)