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Sock Tube (gradient, light orange through muted purple - 60 sts, 8 sts/in, 10 rows/in

This sock tube is the perfect addition to your stash for the gift knitting season. This tube is two identical speckled gradients, 115 rows per tube - separated by fluorescent green waste yarn. The gauge is 60sts (total) at 8sts/in and 10 rows per inch.  Simply separate the socks at the green waste yarn, and pick up the stitches to add your toes and cuffs. Cut in an afterthought heel at just the right spot for yourself, or for the person you're knitting for. 

Base is my Everyday Sock base (75/25 SWM/Nylon, 463yds per 100g). I recommend a size 1 needle to pick up your stitches, or whatever needle you need to match the tube gauge. Add miniskeins to your order if you so choose, I am able to match colors to your tube if you would like! I would recommend 2 20g minskeins to complete your heels, toes and cuffs!


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